The INGENIEURBÜRO PRÖSTLER was founded by Mr. Karl-Heinz Pröstler after several years of experience in the marking area in 1994. As a specialist in inkjet printing systems in the application of highly pigmented inks many Continuous INK-JET systems from different manufacturers were successfully placed in the market.

With the foundation of DSP-PRINT-TEC GmbH, the market segment was supplemented identification technology with other technologies. So many special applications could be covered in the entire range of identification. In 1999, at the VIV EUROPE in Utrecht (NL) was the first pressure system for a 6-line printing on eggs, developed by INGENIEURBÜRO PRÖSTLER presented.

Initiated by various tasks of the customers was a new printing technology, the LASER COLOUR COATING (LCC) method was developed. This method eliminates the drawbacks of the continuous-INK-JET and monochrome laser technology while leveraging the advantages of this method. With the LCC method, users can achieve with negligible effort service a very high availability.

The engineering firm Pröstler, by the techniques used by the customer economic and ecological principles optimally advise and serve.

The business processes are documented according to known standards.


• innovative labeling solutions for printing and RFID applications

• individual counseling clients in the labeling technique

• customized system solutions (special constructions)

• future-oriented printing technologies